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Catch and Release (2006)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gray has just come in to see the mother of her dead fiance's son in the house, the boy is throwing things everywhere. He stops by the TV and begins to pull CDs from the shelves into the floor. He pulls all the CDs off the shelves, but every time it cuts back to him, there are plenty more CDs for him to pull down.

Other mistake: Gray is at the office and wants to call Dunn Hamilton Investments Customer Relations on the note pad but the 1-800-INVEST isn't enough digits for a complete phone number.

Continuity mistake: Dennis finds that Sam had possibly overdosed on Gray's medication and he is sitting at the table with his robe opened. When Dennis tries to move Sam and he falls to the floor, his robe is closed.

Continuity mistake: When Gray visits Sam at the hospital there is some hospital machinery beside Sam. After Sam says sorry to Gray the machinery is gone and that whole area beside the bed is different.

Continuity mistake: As Fritz is sat spinning a reel, Sam realizes that it is night time and he has missed the peace event. We see Fritz has a brown box beside his left hand and something black at his right which is apparent when Sam slides into the room. Sam goes to answer the phone and the objects in front of Fritz are now in the opposite position. Sam says, "Let me get a message from you," and the objects are in the original position. Sam says, "I'm just gonna tell him that you called," and the objects are opposite again. Sam leaves the room and the objects are back in the original position. During the phone call Sam spits the lid of the marker off to the floor and he never retrieves it at all.

Continuity mistake: The friends are discussing the DNA results and Dennis says, "This could be one of those days the doctor amputates the wrong leg." He was moving his arms, but immediately next, we see Sam's absurd reaction and Dennis has very quickly put his hands in his pockets.

Continuity mistake: Fritz tells Gray he will take care of the money for the other woman because she counts on it and Gray responds on her results counting on Grady. Fritz turns to leave saying, "Incidentally I do" and we see Gray standing with the roller right beside the trim with the roller high. Fritz says, "Miss him" and Gray has moved to the side with the roller low, then Fritz leaves and she is again in a different position.

Continuity mistake: Grady sits on a bed with her baggage beside her to her left, when she is telling Sam those were her pills. There is an open door behind Gray, but when Sam says, "I knew it was a bad idea", there is a curtain and wall behind her. Sam apologizes and the baggage beside Gray is gone. Later, when she is at the door, it's the same as the baggage scene again, but as Sam says, "Play Station instead", Gray is back at the curtain wall view. When Gray stands to get in bed with Sam there is again a different view.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dennis, Sam and Gray are in the kitchen discussing how Grady might have broken the news to her about his wealth, Dennis hands Gray a stack of 2 plates twice. Sam goes to the fridge for a beer mentioning that it is the last beer. Later after Gray is dropped on the floor when the guys are moving her to her bed, Sam goes to the fridge asking Dennis if he wants a beer having earlier stated he had the last one.

Continuity mistake: In storage when Gray flips through photos, she has her hands up in front of her face, but when we are shown the photos, her arms are down on her legs, but they are back up when she continues.

Continuity mistake: The table beside Sam changes from brown, when Sam says, "Crazy dangerous", to a white top when he says, "Maybe just this one time." This is really apparent when Sam later says, "I just miss him so much." When Gray gets in bed, it is the brown table again and the placement of it moves.

Continuity mistake: The wrestling over the planer continues in the house on the floor. Sam and Dennis stop moving when they hear Fritz slide the door open. The hand positioning is Dennis' hand is under Sam's with the planer on it. Dennis' had thrown his left leg on top of Sam. Fritz opens the door almost shoulder width at this point. Next Dennis and Sam's hands and Dennis' leg are in a different position. Next Fritz gestures and the door is opened wider than before and Sam and Dennis have their hands in the first position again. Fritz closes the door and walks away and we see Dennis actually letting go of the planer that he never had a grip on.

Continuity mistake: At the time when Gray is moving, Sam is in the kitchen whipping something in the new mixer. He has added strawberries but none spew when he turns it on with the lid off, and he may have winced a bit when the ice cubes flew also.

Continuity mistake: Sam comes back home and finds Dennis planing the door. Sam and Dennis begin wrestling on the deck with the planer. The guys wrestle a bit and then you see Dennis with his back against the house with both hands in the air and he changes hands with the planer. Their bodies begin to turn but next their bodies begin to turn the other way and Dennis has changed hands with the planer.

Other mistake: In the overdose scene with Sam and Dennis, we see that Dennis cannot bear Sam's weight and he falls with a nasty bang on the head from the dishwasher. No stitches, bandaging or bruising are shown.

Continuity mistake: Gray returns home with DNA forms. In the kitchen Maureen tosses 2 heads of lettuce on the side of the sink. When she says "cerebral constipation" Gray is offered nuts but is reluctant and Fritz gestures her to try some but at that point the lettuce is different. Gray tries some nuts and Fritz gestures again and the lettuce is different yet again. As Maureen steps back and goes on about the aura, the original 2 heads of lettuce are seen and they are more apparent when Maureen says, "I would love it if you would join us."

Continuity mistake: Gray has passed out on the couch after dinner from taking too much medication, which makes Dennis preoccupied that she will wake with a sore neck. He decides to move her to her bed. While moving her in a passed out state she is able to keep her arm around his neck and it moves sometimes like she is actually holding on. Her hair moves from her back to her chest and her left hand is sometimes on her lap or Dennis' chest.

Continuity mistake: Fritz and Gray are in bed after the time when Maureen gives Sam a massage. Fritz needs a shave but after he says, "Neither are you," and he kisses her, it looks as though he has shaven.

Continuity mistake: Fritz finds Gray in storage in her wedding dress. Gray gets embarrassed and squirms in the dress leaving her arm on the arm of the couch. Fritz says he's checking out but now Gray is holding the front of her dress. Fritz says, "Less than nothing," and Gray has resumed her original position with her arm on the arm of the couch. Fritz says, "B,ecause you were embarrassed" and Gray has her hands on her hips. Fritz says, "Not your style, right?" and Gray now has her hands folded in front of her.

Factual error: When Gray gives her dead boyfriend's friend her boyfriend's old high school T-shirt, he puts it on, you can see that it is a "tagless" T-shirt. You can see the imprint of the "tag" through the shirt. Those kinds of tags were not used when they were in high school that many years ago.

Gray: I love natural disasters. I want people to die in them. I am genuinely disappointed when the death toll is low.

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