The Hills Have Eyes 2

Before the story's end, PFC's Delmar, Amber, Napoleon, Missy and Crank are left. Missy is taken down a mine by scout, Chameleon for current mutant leader, Papa Hades. The other four follow, confront the surviving mutants, with Crank being blown up and Delmar dying from his injuries sustained with short-sighted Grabber. Between the remaining trio Chameleon is beaten to death and Hades receives a hole in the head then is stabbed in the mouth. As they are reaching the surface we see they are being observed by more mutants.

Other mistake: When the bunch of soldiers find Dr. Paul Foster, one of them removes the doctor's briefcase from the crack in his skull. In this scene, Foster's eyes are open and seem to be red. Before and after this scene, when you can see the eyes, they are clear white. The briefcase doesn't have any trace of blood on it, though it was in the bloody skull crack. The blood looks too reddish. If it is some hours old, it should look darker. (00:34:10)

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Stump: I'm not gonna let you bastards get me. Not me, not today. That is not gonna happen.

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Question: At the very beginning, it says that a family got stranded in a desert. Is it referring to the Carter family from the first film?

Roman Curiel

Answer: Yes it is.

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