Corrected entry: Sandra Bullock is watching as her husband gets killed in the accident at the end of the movie, and the accident takes place on Wednesday. But at the beginning of the movie, a cop informs her that her husband is dead, and it's supposed to be Thursday. If she was there when it happened, why would he be telling her about her husband's death one day later?

Correction: Because she left, and no one knew she was there.

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Why wouldn't she have called 911 after the accident? Makes no sense she would go home and not report it. She also called her husband back after she got his message the day after he died and she left him a voicemail. Why would she do that if she knew he was dead?

Corrected entry: I'm not sure what type of mistake you would count this as, but there's no way a policeman/authority of any kind would come to someone's home, tell them their husband has died, and then just leave, giving them a calling card. Even if not to comfort her, there would be formal identifying or other official arrangements to be made.

Correction: He gave her his card specifically to make arrangements AFTER she comes to grips with what has happened. That's perfectly plausible.


Corrected entry: The daughter runs through the right right hand pane of glass, but when her father sweeps up, the broken pane is on the left.

Correction: No, she went through the left pane, which is exactly the one that Jim is cleaning up later.

Corrected entry: When the Doctor injects Linda with the drug, it's very obviously her upper right arm near the shoulder. But later when she wakes up in her own home, and frantically checks her arms to see if there are injection marks (meaning did it actually happen), she only pulls her sleeves up just above both elbows. She looks for needle marks only up to her elbows and just above, which was far below where the actual injection took place. Since she remembered the incident, she would have remembered where the shot was given.

Correction: Not necessarily. You can definitely remember only certain parts of an event, you may even be subconsciously blocking a certain aspect of the event. This is highly plausible and not at all a mistake. Even if it was, it's a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Correction: She was looking for the marks of them carrying her away and strapping her down.

Corrected entry: Sandra Bullock puts the dead bird in the trash can on Thursday, the first day of the movie. She takes the lid off and discovers the rotting carcass earlier in the week, so before the bird would have been put in there at all.

Correction: The bird isn't put in the trash on Thursday, it is put in the trash during one of her 'Jim is alive days' on the Monday. When she opens the trash later to check, she confirms that she wasn't dreaming when the maggots and flies are on the bird.

Continuity mistake: When Linda is writing out the calendar of the order of the events each day, she writes Mon, Tues, Wed. across the top very hurriedly. The second time we see the days, when she writes "Jim alive again", the three days are written differently. The "M" in "Mon" crosses the line below the first time but not the second. The "T" in "Tues" crosses over into the "Mon" column, almost underlining the "Mon". It is much tighter the second time we see it. The "Wed" touches the right side of the column in the first but the left side in the second. Later when she pulls out the calendar again and adds the name Claire, the days of the week are written a third way. Originally the word "Cuts" didn't have an exclamation point but later it does. The word Funeral is first written at the top of the column near the word "Sat" but later it is seen much lower down the column. The phrase "Find out Jim died" is first written very small but in a latter shot it is bigger with the "F" extending into the previous column which it didn't do earlier. It is written a third way when she pulls out the calendar again to add Claire. Apparently the calendar was written at least three times.

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Linda Hanson: If I let Jim die, is that the same thing as killing him?
Joanne: Honey, Jim's already dead.

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Suggested correction: Google her age and you will see this is incorrect.

Or you could have just submitted a word change pointing out the age difference is 14 years rather than 13. Hardly makes the entry wholly incorrect.

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Question: I'ma pretty smart person but I got so lost watching this film. Is she clairvoyant?

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