The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
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Someone in crowd: Who are you?
Judge Roy Bean: Justice, you sons of bitches.

Judge Roy Bean: The last time that bear ate a lawyer, he had the runs for thirty-three days.

Rev. Mr. LaSalle: That was the first and last time I saw Judge Roy Bean. I never got back to that country and died of dysentery in old Mexico. I haven't seen him since, so he probably went to Hell.

Rev. Mr. LaSalle: I shall pray for you, Bean. This land abounds in ruffians and varmints. Their numbers are legion, their evil skills commensurate.
Judge Roy Bean: Piss on 'em.

Judge Roy Bean: Ordinarily, I'd take you in my court and try you and hang you. But if you've got money for whiskey, I guess we can dispense with those proceedings.

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