Amazing Grace
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William Wilberforce: You wake me up to give me medicine to help me sleep?

William Wilberforce: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a slave ship. The Madagascar. It has just returned from the Indies where it delivered 200 men, women and children to Jamaica. When it left Africa, there were 600 on board. The rest died of disease or despair. That smell - is the smell of death. Slow, painful death. Breath it in. Breath it deeply. Take those handkerchiefs away from your noses! There, now. Remember that smell. Remember the Madagascar! Remember, that God made men equal.

William Wilberforce: We just have to have faith in his integrity.
Lord Charles Fox: Integrity?
William Wilberforce: Where are you going?
Lord Charles Fox: To look up the word integrity in Dr. Johnson's Dictionary.

Pitt the Younger: It's your wedding day - I agree with everything you say.

Barbara Wilberforce: You're discussing politics with your eyes. You might as well do it with your mouths.

Richard the Butler: Great changes are easier than small ones. Sir Francis Bacon.

John Newton: God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms. Drip. Drip. Drip.

John Newton: Besides, people like you too much to let you live a life of solitude.
William Wilberforce: Haven't you chosen solitude?
John Newton: You of all people should know I can never be alone.

Duke of Clarence: Revolution is like the pox. It spreads from person to person.
William Wilberforce: I bow to my honorable friend's superior knowledge and experience in all matters regarding the pox.

Marianne Thornton: What time did Barbara leave?
William Wilberforce: Late. I mean early.

William Wilberforce: An imperfect order is better than no order at all.
Thomas Clarkson: No! We must fight for a perfect order.

William Wilberforce: Oh, if the House of Lords could hear the idiotic way we carry on, they'd ban anyone under the age of 30 from holding high office again.

Oloudaqh Equiano: Your life is a thread. It breaks, or it doesn't break.

Pitt the Younger: We cracked crowns, didn't we?
William Wilberforce: We left the heads intact.
Pitt the Younger: Because we're so pathetically English.

Barbara Spooner: It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth, you spit it out. You don't constantly swallow it back.

Pitt the Younger: Why is it you only feel the thorns in your feet when you stop running?
William Wilberforce: Is that some sort of heavy-handed metaphorical advice for me, Mr. Pitt?
Pitt the Younger: Yes, I suppose it is. You must keep going. Keep going fast.

Duke of Clarence: Noblesse oblige.
Lord Tarleton: What the bloody hell does that mean?
Duke of Clarence: It means: my nobility obliges me to recognize the virtue of an exceptional commoner.

Lord Tarleton: I can hardly believe my ears.
Heckler: And we can hardly believe your mouth.

William Wilberforce: I thought time might have changed you.
John Newton: It has. I'm older.

Thomas Clarkson: We don't want any fuss. We just need somebody who is... really, really boring.

Continuity mistake: When the Prime Minister is preparing to make his golf swing, his shawl is alternately bunched up and then spread out smoothly.

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