Twice Upon a Yesterday
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Continuity mistake: Vic is drinking at the bar and talking about his guilty conscience - or lack thereof: he holds his glass with his right, left, right depending on the camera angle.

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Factual error: When Vic is beginning to fall in love with Louisa, he stays up one night reading her novel-in-progress. However, Louisa is Spanish, and it's clear from her accent that her native language is Spanish, and writers very very rarely would deliberately choose to write in their second language when they could write in their first language - so her manuscript is almost certainly in Spanish. And it's extremely unlikely that Vic speaks Spanish: he shows no signs of speaking Spanish; his character is not that bright and not that well-educated; and even if he learned it in school he's been out of it for many years and wouldn't be able to read it at that time. Even if Louisa had chosen to have her work translated so it could be read more widely, she was in the process of writing it; translation is a long, expensive, and involved process and it wouldn't have been done while the work was still being written, as we have already learned it is. Therefore, Vic would have been unable to read Louisa's work.

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Victor Bukowski: Even if I could pretend that you never left me... I couldn't pretend that I don't love her.

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