Continuity mistake: In the scene where Graysmith goes to Vaughn's house, his jacket is soaked from the rain. Moments later he is sitting in a chair, and we can see his jacket is dry. Not enough time passed in the film for the jacket to dry.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Graysmith and Toschi are having lunch, the burger Toschi is holding, and taking bites from, has lettuce hanging out of the bun in some shots, but not in others. Most of the shots from behind him show the lettuce, while most, but not all, the shots from the front don't have lettuce showing. He does put the burger on the plate a couple of times, but the lettuce is still inconsistent in what is meant to be a continuous action.

Continuity mistake: When Robert Graysmith visits Paul Avery on the houseboat and Avery sits on the couch he is barefoot but his foot has a sandal on in some shots. He has the sandal on when he rises. (01:43:10 - 01:44:50)

Continuity mistake: After Graysmith slams the phone down in his apartment and his wife enters, the phone receiver wire changes position a few times before she leaves.

Mickey Butoni

Continuity mistake: Early when the two are going to park, the girl is driving a 2-door Corvair. But the interior shots of the car are of a 4-door Corvair.


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Trivia: The theme tune to the news station when they are trying to arrange the meeting is the theme to Channel 9 news in Australia, played unmodified.

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Question: Near the end of the film a high school year book is shown. What school is it from and what year?

Answer: Hogan High School, in Vallejo California. 1968.


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