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Corrected entry: On the envelope containing the videotape is indicated a German address with a 4-digit zip code. In Germany 4-digits zip codes existed only until 1993, when they were replaced by 5-digits codes. As the story place in 2001, it should have been a 5-digits code. (01:11:55)

Correction: It was an Austrian address (Vienna is the capitol of Austria), so a 4 digit number is correct.

Corrected entry: If Juliana grew up in East Germany, she'd have to be speaking English with a German accent - especially at her young age: wouldn't have been able to get rid of it.

Correction: Baloney. I work with a man of Indian descent who was raised in New Delhi until he was 6, Farsi is his first language, and he has no discernable accent at all. He has not spoken English with an accent since he was about 10.


Corrected entry: The operating system on the computers throughout the movie is Windows XP. The events from this film take place nearly a year before Windows XP came out.

Ian Mugford

Correction: Windows XP wasn't available for SALE to the PUBLIC until October 25, 2001. However all Microsoft operating systems are available years before their public release dates to IT professionals and government agencies in Alpha and Beta test versions. I personally had my copy of XP in 2000 which falls right in line with the dates in the movie.

Factual error: The route that Hanssen discusses with O'Neil on their way back to the FBI headquarters, from the DIA, is not geographically correct and would not get them from point A to point B.

Ian Mugford

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Eric O'Neill: I had all these answers for her. 'He's misunderstood.' 'He's trying to fix the bureau and no one will listen.' 'He was born in the wrong century.' 'His father's a jerk.' I got a whole list. But you know something Sir, at the end of the day it's all crap. You ARE who you are. The why doesn't mean a thing does it? does IT?
Robert Hanssen: I... matter... plenty.

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