Planet Terror: The main characters get taken by Bruce Willis' men to their military base to be used in experiments. They break out and kill Bruce Willis and blow up the gas storage. The Sheriff blows himself up. The Indian guy gets his head blown in half by a sniper. Freddy Rodriguez gets shot up and dies in Cherry's arms, who blows up some stuff and shoots a bunch of zombies with her leg. The evil doctor (Josh Brolin) is shot by Michael Parks. Cherry and the rest of the survivors escape on a helicopter and go and live in Mexico where she defends them with a minigun on her leg, and she has Freddy Rodriguez' baby.Death Proof: The first group of girls is killed by Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russel) when he plows into their car head-on. The second group (with Rosario Dawson) manage to turn the tables and chase Mike until they finally flip him over, then beat him into submission.


Continuity mistake: When the three girls are in the white Dodge, ready to leave on a test drive, the 4th girl is in a chair while the car is seen from the side in the background. The car has no silver window frame on the door, yet for the rest of the film, it does have the frames. (01:27:20)


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Zoe: I'll be your slave. I'll do anything you want... I'll even crack your back.
Kim: You'll do that anyways.
Zoe: Yes, but this time, you won't even have to ask, you can just say "Bitch, do it" and I'll do it.

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Trivia: The first posters for the "Planet Terror" segment of this film showed Rose McGowan's left leg with the machine gun leg, while the movie trailer shows it as her right. Newer posters had to be made to fix this mistake, as it is her right leg in the film.


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