The Naked Brothers Band

The Naked Brothers Band (2005)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Alex: I wear a doo-rag. You wear your hair. That's how it is. That's how it is.

Alex: Alienate means see boobies?
Nat: Alex, that's inappropriate.
Alex: Inappropriate means see boobies?

Arsenio Hall: Yo, man. That's like a fresh burqa for the ghetto or something. With Yu-Gi-Oh! drawers and everything.

Alex: We need to get the band together this instant.
Nat: Are you up for it, man?
Alex: Yes. I'm fortified by milk.

Alex: I know a lot about science too. Like I know how people make poopies.

Alex: I love Jesse. She's kinda like my girlfriend.
Nat: She is not like your girlfriend.
Alex: In a way, Nat... in a way.
Nat: In what way?
David: In a way she doesn't know about.

Nat: Jesus, what a jerk.
Alex: Don't ever say Jesus! He was the best president we've ever had.

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