Sirhan Sirhan shoots Robert Kennedy as he's on his way to the kitchen of the Ambassador hotel, and as a result of the struggle to take the gun away from Sirhan, the following people are wounded: Samantha (Helen Hunt), Daryl (Christian Slater), William (Elijah Wood), Jimmy and Cooper (Shia LaBeouf). Robert Kennedy dies on June 6th, 1968 and the other people who were wounded survived.


Continuity mistake: When Paul (the hotel manager) finds Timmons in the kitchen when Timmons had been shot and is bleeding, we see Timmons with his hands on his blood that is on his shirt. When Paul comforts him, he puts his bloody hands on Paul's white shirt, but when we see Paul outside the hotel, there is no stain from Timmon's blood.

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Miriam: That poor woman... I used to be such a fan.

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