The Last Man on Earth
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Robert Morgan: Another day... another day to start all over again.

Robert Morgan: And I thought you were alone. I was going to cure you! Does that amuse you?

Ruth Collins: But you lived through all this. Do you know why?
Robert Morgan: Perhaps I was chosen.

Robert Morgan: You're freaks! I'm a man! The last man.

Robert Morgan: Your new society sounds charming.

Robert Morgan: I can't afford the luxury of anger. Anger can make me vulnerable. It can destroy my reason and reason's the only advantage I have over them.

Robert Morgan: You're freaks, all of you! All of you, freaks, mutations.

Ben Cortman: There are stories being told, Bob.
Robert Morgan: By people who are out of their minds with fear.
Ben Cortman: Maybe. But there are too many to be just coincidental. Stories about people who have died and have come back.
Robert Morgan: They're stories Ben, stories.

Ruth Collins: You can't join us. You're a monster to them. Why do you think I ran when I saw you, even though I was assigned to spy on you? Because I was so terrified, what I'd heard about you. You're a legend in the city. Moving by day, instead of night, leaving as evidence of your existence bloodless corpses. Many of the people you destroyed were still alive! Many of them were loved ones of the people in my group.
Robert Morgan: I didn't know.

Robert Morgan: This is Robert Morgan. If somebody can hear me, answer me. For God's sake, answer ME.
Robert Morgan: This is kokw calling. kokw calling! Answer me.

Continuity mistake: When Price is entering the road to the crypt, the back of the station wagon rear door is wide open. When he leaves the crypt and on the road to home, the door is closed. when he gets to his home, the door switches from open to partially open to closed.


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