The Last Man on Earth

Continuity mistake: About 25 minutes into the film, Vincent Price puts two vampire bodies into the back of his station wagon. Viewed from the open rear door, the woman is on the right side face up and the man is on the left side face down, and he drives off to the pit. In the next scene, he parks the car at the pit and when he goes to unload the bodies, the woman is now on the left side face down and the man is one the right side face up. For people who have died and then been killed again, they sure did move around a lot in the back of that car.

Continuity mistake: When Doctor Morgan loads the two bodies into his wagon, they are inserted head first. When he unloads them at the pit, their heads are towards the tailgate.

Continuity mistake: His 1st station wagon is a Chevy, turns into a Ford (4 headlights) and back to the Chevy (2 headlights). He gets the Ford after the zombies wreck the Chevy.

Continuity mistake: When Price is entering the road to the crypt, the back of the station wagon rear door is wide open. When he leaves the crypt and on the road to home, the door is closed. when he gets to his home, the door switches from open to partially open to closed.


Factual error: This movie tries as best it can to convince the viewer the action is happening in the states even though it was shot in Italy. (1) during a news report, the term 'his excellency the governor' is used which is used nowhere in the states. The rest of the newscast is equally odd. (2) the architecture is definitely 1950s Italy. (3) there is almost a complete lack of American automobiles; most of them are Fiats. (4) you can see Lebanese cedar trees everywhere trimmed in the Mediterranean style (tall and skinny). There are many more too numerous to go into.


Revealing mistake: When Price is driving to the place he plans to bury his dead wife, you can see heavy traffic on the crossroad, after other shots showed deserted streets.


Robert Morgan: And I thought you were alone. I was going to cure you! Does that amuse you?

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