Lords of Dogtown
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Skip: Yeah, this is Skip Engblom and the Zephyr Skateboard Team. Here's our entry fees. Now where's our trophies?

Donnie: She's uh, she's crazy, Jay.
Jay: That's why you love her... Right?

Skip: Oh, nice socks, man. Nice socks. Nice socks.

Tony: I wanna make money, get laid every night. I wanna do it all right fucking now.
Jim 'Red Dog' Muir: Hell yeah, I'm gonna make out with two chicks tonight.

Skip: You gotta approach every day as if it's your last.

Tony: What's wrong, Jayboy? Don't got no hair on your inch worm yet?

Kathy Alva: Should my weight be on my back foot?
Stacy: Yeah, well, that's how I do it. But it might be different, though, the whole center-of-gravity thing for girls.

Skip: He's not one of us, man. You know, he's not a pirate.
Chino: Going to work, Peralta?
Skip: Yeah, get a haircut, man.

Kathy Alva: Take your boxers off.
Jay: No way.

Tony: This is our time, bros.
Jay: That's bullshit, bro. We surf and we skate every day. We get to do whatever we want.

Skip: They wanted it gone, man, they wanted it gone.

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