Primeval (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Harry is the war lord Little Gustave. He threatens Aviva and Tim and tells them to go and retrieve the laptop with contains incriminating evidence. Tim discovers Steven's body and kills one of Harry's goons. Aviva throws the pheromone mix on Harry and Gustave (the big crocodile) senses it and kills Harry. Tim, Aviva and Jojo barely escape from Gustave and then some time later fly back to the U.S. In May 2005, the Burundi government and the Hutu rebels reach a cease fire agreement and the civil war ends. The last scene is Gustave killing people in the Ruzizi River...

Racer X

Steven Johnson: I'd never say this in front of a bunch of white people, but slavery was a good thing. Anything you gotta do to get the fuck out of Africa is OK with me.

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Trivia: The future predator is based on the Purrip bat in Dougal Dixon's 'After man: A zoology of the future'.

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