White Noise 2: The Light

Abe Dale learns from Julia Caine that Henry Caine himself had a near death expirence, from a drunk driving incident, which left her husband in the same position Dale's in now (he could see those who were going to die and so started saving their lives). Abe was also revived from his suicide and is now in a looney bin. A stunned Abe goes to see why Henry gunned down Mrs Dale and Denny Dale. Despite his cazed outburts (brought on naturally by his severe brain injury) Henry states that both are responsible for those lives they've saved. Going on to rant about eveyone he saved fell prone to demonic/possession soon after, each going on a murderous rampage; Uxoricides/Mariticides, Patricides/Matricides, Infanticides/Filicides, Fratricides/Sororicides, Parricides, multiple murders/mass murders. Each and everyone of those Henry saved, wound up motivessly and completely out of character, carried out homicides two days after. Coming across video's taken by his late son, Abe finds that Henry saved Denny and his mum from a traffic tragedy. The contents of Henry's studies into the suppernatural/occult reveals that Henry couldn't not stop those he save from killing...other than Mrs Dale and Dale jr due to Caine blowing both away, this was too save their souls from demonic influences. Henry worked out that these possessions were accordance to christ's ressurection (...on the third day he rose)...in that by day three, exactly at the same time precisely those 'saved' were going to die are punnished whereby the morning star, would make them take lives to make up for those souls who'd cheated the grim reaper, thereby being damned in the process. Abe finds out that the first person he saved has already run over six people by a bus stop and realises his next person he saved, Kurt's going to kill. Although he stops Kurt from going on a shooting spree, Kurt still ends up killing his girlfriend and several of his customers, work collegues in the process. Abe knows his nurse Sherry Clarke (his third and final person he saved) is going to kill. He confronts her at the same dinner his family were shot in and she lets him know she's facing potential murder and damnation. He goes to shoot her with Kurt's gun, only to be gunned down by cops dinning there. Sherry's is taken away in an ambulance and right on cue is possessed, she tries to make the driver crash the bus into a broken down tanker, positioned next to a bus full of stranded passegers. Abe's spirit however, appears in front of said tanker causing the ambulance to swerve and flip over...finishing off Sherry, while the paramedics survive. Sherry goes off to heaven joining her husband while Abe becomes one of the many other restless ghosts on earth. Henry meanwhile is driven further insane by meeting in his cell the victims of those who died at the hands of people he saved.


Visible crew/equipment: When the ambulance is about to crash into the tanker, right before and during the crash a camera mounted (painted white) on top of the cab is seen.


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Trivia: When Abe Dale comes into a room (possibly a church?) where the children's choir is singing, the song is Rush's Spirit Of Radio.

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Question: WARNING: BIG PLOT SPOILER - I did not completely understand what the devil had to do with the saved people killing other people the third day after they had been saved. According to the plot, "tria mera" is Greek for "third day". The question was "if Jesus came back to life at the third day, what happened with the devil?" That was supposed to explain the killings. I hope someone can give me further clarification.


Chosen answer: The third day (according to the movie) after someone uses the white light to save someone, is when the devil can step in and try to cause chaos. They did try to explain this in the movie, though it didn't make a lot of sense for anyone with any idea about the subject.

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