Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish (1983)

Ending / spoiler

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The Motorcycle Boy breaks into the pet store and begins to free all the animals while Rusty-James begs him not to and cries. The Motorcycle Boy tells him to take the cycle he has parked outside and go to the ocean. The Motorcycle Boy takes the rumble fish to the river, where he plans to put them. Rusty-James follows him, only to hear a gunshot. He rushes up tyo the river to find that the Motorcycle Boy has been shot and killed by Patterson, the cop. Rusty-James picks up the dying rumble fish and puts them in the river. He is about to be arrested when he punches out the window of the police car. Patterson tells the police to let him go and he flees as everyone in the neighborhood begins to crowd around the Motorcycle Boy's dead body. The last shot is of Rusty-James standing in front of an ocean beside a motorcycle.

Evan Raufbold

Rusty James: Hey, my brother's the coolest.
Patty: Well, you're better than cool. You're warm.

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