Dreamgirls (2006)

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Jimmy dies of a heroin overdose. Effe returns to Jimmy's old manager in a desparate attempt to save herself from poverty. Her brother leaves Curtis and makes amends with her by writing her a song of her own- "One Night Only." Curtis, however, finds out about this and steals the song to be re-recorded by the Dreams. He also does not let Deena take the film role she wanted and does everything short of telling her that he controls everything that she does. Deena finds a copy of Effe's record, is horrified, and contacts Effe to tell her what Curtis did to her record. The FBI is notified, and to avoid jailtime, Curtis agrees to distribute Effe's version of the song on his label. Deena leaves Curtis and the Dreams break up. At the farewell concert, Deena reveals that there were four Dreams, and Effe sings the final song with them. That night, Curtis discovers that Effe had his daughter nine years ago. He stares at Magic and then at the stage with a "holy crap"look, and the credits roll.


Factual error: While they're eating dinner, Deena says "I can't believe this is happening" to which Curtis says "you made it happen! you are the queen of Disco!" The error here is that Diana Ross didn't sing disco until after she went solo, in 1970. (01:26:05)


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Case Worker: Have you considered asking the girl's father for help?
Effie Melody White: Magic don't have a father.

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