Night at the Museum

Plot hole: Christopher Columbus speaks Italian while the Huns supposedly speak their native language. Shouldn't Octavius and his Romans speak Latin? (00:34:50)

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Trivia: The film was originally intended to be directed by Stephen Sommers, who is best known for directing 1999's "The Mummy." Sommers left the project following creative differences with the studio. Sommers poked fun at the film years later in a commentary track in 2018, noting that he saw a movie once where a character was constantly and annoying using a flashlight even though it was bright enough he wouldn't need one. Sommers wouldn't name the film, but slyly said "it took place at night in a museum."


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Question: How did Larry find out that "Dakota" was the word for making the horses stop the carriage?

Answer: He looked the information up at some point during the montage that showed him doing all the historical research.

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Is it actually shown on the website he looks at on screen or just implied?

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