I Know What You Did Last Summer

The killer fisherman is the father of the girl Susie. He killed the boy who they thought they'd ran over, then the kids ran him over. Barry is killed and so is Helen along with Elsa, Max and some police guy escorting Helen home from the pageant. Ray was Billy Blue, but he just wanted to see Missy so he used the name of his boat. The killer takes off in a boat with Julie but as he's about to kill her Ray cuts the guys hand off and he falls in the water. A year later Julie is in a shower when she sees "I still know" written on the wall. The fisherman then bursts through the glass. We don't find out Julie's fate until the sequel.

Continuity mistake: Max lies dead in Julie's car covered in crabs. He was hooked very deep under his chin, yet when we see him, the wound is gone. (00:59:15)

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Ben Willis: You in some kind of trouble child?
Julie: Yes, yeah I'm in a lot of trouble.
Ben Willis: That's a shame, being that it's the 4th of July and all. Kids like you should be out having fun. Drinking, partying, running people over, getting away with murder... things like that.

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Trivia: Believe it or not, this movie is loosely based on a mystery novel from the 70's.

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