Hot Fuzz

The N.W.A. is a cult that kills anyone who they feel ruins their opportunity to become Village of the Year. They killed the living statue, the underage drinkers, the shoplifter and several others and put their bodies in an underground grotto. Angel (Simon Pegg) comes back to town and loads up on all of the farmer's weapons from the evidence locker, where he proceeds to shoot all the members of the N.W.A. (although they are all only wounded). The cops and Danny (Nick Frost) who were just ignorant help him take people down. The bartender gets his head crushed by a bear trap, the doctor gets shot in the foot, the crossword 'hag' gets knocked out by a potted plant, Lurch is thrown into a freezer, Skinner (Timothy Dalton) gets a miniature steeple through his chin but lives, and Danny's father (Frank Broadbent) escapes only to be attacked by the swan and crash his car into a tree. Everyone is thrown in jail and as they are filling out paperwork, the one cult member left attacks Nick with an old musket-type weapon and Danny jumps in front and is shot. Nick chases the man into the evidence room where he accidentally sets off the sea-mine, blowing up the entire station. One year later, Nick and Danny put flowers on Danny's mother's grave. Doris on dispatch tells them there are hippies digging through the recycling bin near the grocery store and they tear through town in their police car.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Leslie Tiller is stabbed with the garden shears, when Nicholas chases after the hooded figure, just as he dives over a table with potted plants the blue crash mat is visible under the table. (Slow motion is not necessary.) (01:07:00)

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Nicholas Angel: When's your birthday?
Teen: 22nd of February.
Nicholas Angel: What year?
Teen: Every year.

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Trivia: Simon Pegg is a huge fan of The Simpsons, featuring them on posters in his series 'Spaced'. He pays tribute to them in Hot Fuzz by using the name Aaron A Aaronson. Aaron A Aaronson was listed as the first Springfieldarian to vote for Sideshow Bob in 'Sideshow Bob Roberts' and was credited as one of the two biggest gossips in Springfield in 'And Maggie Makes Three'.

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Question: In total how many references were there to Shaun of the Dead and where can I find them?

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Answer: Jumping over fences, and "want anything from shop?" "Cornetto". That's just off top of my head having not seen either film in around 3 years.

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