The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines
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Judson: Now, lemme show you something. How would you like to see an authentic Sioux Indian arrowhead?
Flynn Carsen: Really? You actually found one?
Judson: Yeah.
Flynn Carsen: Oh, yeah! Where did you find it?
Judson: EBay.

Judson: The location of King Solomon's mines must never be found.

Jomo: Hippos like chocolate.

Judson: For centuries, men sought Solomon's treasure.
Flynn Carsen: It's just a legend... Isn't it?

Factual error: In the scene following Flynn Carson's playful dual with the Excalibur sword, he is told that he is using the Shroud of Turin to wipe his face but when Flynn holds the cloth up for all to see, it is the Veil of Veronica, not the shroud. The veil is small and held only the face of Jesus Christ. The shroud is roughly 14 feet long and held Christ's full body image.

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