The Dark Knight

Factual error: After escaping the hospital, Harvey Dent wears the same charred suit he was wearing when he was brought to the hospital. That suit would not have been neatly taken off and left intact. It would have been cut off with shears so as not to accidentally remove any damaged skin and flesh when pulling the pants and shirt off. The blazer might still be intact but certainly not the pants and shirt.


Factual error: When they reconstruct the bullet in the scanner, the fingerprint goes the whole way down to the bottom of the bullet. This would not be the correct pattern, as there should be a blank ring at the bottom where the bullet would have been covered by the casing. (00:56:50)

Factual error: When Fox is talking with Lau over lunch on what is supposed to be the roof of Lau's Hong Kong office building, you can see the buildings of Chicago's McCormick Place in the background. (00:29:55)


Factual error: As Two-Face, Harvey Dent is missing his left cheek and all of his left lips, yet he is able to talk without any severe speech impediment. Not possible; although people with similar afflictions are able to talk, there is a discernible difference in not only the words they speak, but how the words are formed. Speaking words with the letters "P" or "B" require either a closed mouth or pressing the tongue against the upper lip. Two-face was unable to do either, yet speaks perfectly.

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Factual error: When Batman jumped and landed on top of the van driven by Scarecrow, the van stopped dead in its tracks. The forward momentum of the van would have kept it moving, even if it were undrivable. The van stopped at the precise moment Batman landed on it, so Scarecrow didn't have time to slam on the brakes.


Factual error: Batman jumps from Hong Kong's IFC (International Finance Centre) Tower 2 to IFC Tower 1 (where Lau's office is located). But when you see the lobby of the building (IFC 1) where Lucius Fox left his phone, it's actually the lobby of another building in Central Hong Kong. That building is The Center. Also, I'm not sure where Nolan shot the meeting between Fox and Lau, but it was definitely not IFC 1 as we can see the Hong Kong Four Seasons hotel in the background, and that building is next to IFC 1, not across from it.

Factual error: Despite the stunt looking really cool, the flipping of the tractor trailer simply would not have occurred as shown. Assuming Batman does exactly what we see regarding the cable, the truck would have just torn the cable out of the asphalt along with the lamp posts, barely being slowed by them. Ignoring this, if the cable's anchor held firm, the cable would more likely break. Failing that, the truck would simply, abruptly stop. But in no case is it capable of generating the force required to make the trailer rise up and turn with the entire rig over its own front end. Further, the tractor and trailer are not a single, rigid piece as shown. The two pieces would form a "V" while in the flip due to the trailer lagging behind the tractor as it rotates over. Once bent, the hitch would fail and the trailer would drop back on its wheels.


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Continuity mistake: During the interrogation scene, when Batman beats up Joker, Joker's hands are holding Batman's forearms upside down (from underneath). When the frame changes his hands are now on top of Batman's forearms, then it cuts back and his hands are under again. (01:28:00 - 01:29:00)

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Alfred Pennyworth: So I suppose they'll be arresting me for being your accomplice, sir.
Bruce Wayne: Accomplice?I'm gonna tell them the whole thing was your idea.

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Question: In the scene where Batman shows Lucius his giant sonar thing, why is he talking in his big scary voice? Lucius knows who he is, so why does he bother disguising his voice?

Answer: It's habit, and a sensible one at that. When he's in the mask, when he's being Batman, he uses the voice, even if the person he's with knows who he is. If he drops back to his normal voice with some people, it sets the precedent for using it while wearing the cowl, which means that he's more likely to slip up and use it around people who don't know, potentially revealing his true identity. If he sticks rigidly to using the voice when kitted up as Batman, regardless of situation, it minimises that possibility.

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Answer: At the bottom of his cowl Batman has devices designed to keep his voice at that level. The director revealed it, of you look at the right screenshots you can see speakers.

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