The Wicker Man

Continuity mistake: In the woods on the island, when Edward first meets Sister Willow, he is about to close his sports coat, and in the next shot of him, the sports coat is buttoned up. After a quick shot of Sister Willow, in the next shot of Edward, his coat is entirely unbuttoned and open again.

Ian Hunt

Continuity mistake: The first time Cage's gun is shown with him checking his magazine, the weapon is a CZ 9mm type model, but in scene nearing the end he is carrying a Beretta model 92, and as a previous entry stated: the bullets dropped onto the floor by the girl did appear to be .45 ACP, non congruent with either weapon.

Factual error: Willow drops cartridges on the ground that appear to be .45ACP rounds. These are considerably larger than the 9mm rounds that Edward's Beretta pistol would actually use.

Ian Hunt

Character mistake: When Nicholas Cage bumps into the beehive, he sees the bees coming towards him and runs towards all the other beehives. Given that he bumped into the beehive on the outer edge, it would have been safer, quicker and much less risky to run back the way he came to escape than run towards all the other bee hives. To complicate things Cage knew he was severely allergic to bees.

Lummie Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the truck collides with the station wagon, there is a medium shot of Malus picking up the doll, followed by a closer shot from the opposite angle, followed by a return to the same medium shot as the truck smashes into the car, but now Malus isn't seen, although he hasn't moved and the shot is the same distance, angle and position.


Other mistake: When Malus is talking to the female cop about the station wagon crash, he asks her who the woman and child were, even after she has told him that there are no bodies to identify, and no car registration.


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