Happy Feet

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the patting of the feet is out of time to the feet themselves.

Correction: The tapping feet are NOT out of time. Watch a tap dancer and you'll know that they use both the front (toes/ball) and back (heel) while dancing. This is the major premise of the whole film - the filmmakers made certain to get this right.

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: The beeping on Mumble's tracking device is meant to be some sort of proximity indicator. Why does it go solid when the helicopter lands far away from Mumble on top of the cliff, instead of when it is directly over him? (01:34:30)

Correction: Because one of the scientists has turned the indicator off. Obviously, once they got that close to Mumble they could see him, so they switched it off and apparently it is designed to glow solid for a moment before it stops.

Corrected entry: Just after Mumble is shown in an enclosure, we see a shot of the planet, with stars twinkling in the background. These should not twinkle, as the Earth's atmosphere causes the twinkling.

Correction: The twinkling is meant to be artistic, since it lines up with the flute in the soundtrack.

Corrected entry: In the scene when our characters first meet the penguin Guru (the one with the soda holder around his neck.) If you watch his head through out the scene he is transparent. You can see the icicles behind him through his head.

Correction: The icicles are actually in front of him, not behind. It's the icicles that are transparent.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the film Mumble has the tracking device attached to him then at the very end when all the penguins are dancing Mumble's tracking device is missing.

Correction: It is clear it was removed by the explorers, as there is a patch of fur missing on his back.

Continuity mistake: When Mumble is still a baby, his "bowtie" does not appear until Boss Skua has him pinned down under his foot. Then shortly after, it disappears again, only to reappear when Mumble falls into the crack in the ice.

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Ramon: You know, chica chica boom boom boom boom boom.
Mumble: You are not interested in chicas?
Raul: You kidding?
Ramon: Without us, the chicas got no boom!

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Trivia: Norma Jean and Memphis are named for Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Elvis is from Memphis, Tennessee and some of Memphis's movements are like his. Norma Jean is Marilyn Monroe's birth name and Norma Jean sings like her.

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Question: At the very end of the movie what does Ramon say to the camera? This occurs in the "closing circle frame" that closes out the movie, just before the credits start rolling.

Answer: The only "closing circle frame" with Ramon is at the very end of the movie, AFTER the credits are through. At that point, he says 'Gracias'.

Brenda Elzin

The submitter is talking about before the credits and after the last word of the last song, the camera zooms in to Mumble, Gloria, and Ramon. He is slightly behind them but he "mouths" something. It's unclear what.

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