Susan is airlifted to a hospital, While in hospital Richard makes a call home which turn out to be the call at he beginning of the film (and the beginning of the nanny/mexico story) The Nanny is found and goes back to find the children in the desert but they are missing, we are later informed that they were found while a policeman tells the nanny of all her offences (including working illegally in america for 16 years.) The two marrocan children are caught in a shootout with the police after trying to run from them and the older one is shot (presumably dead) the younger one shoots a policman before surrendering. Cheiko tells one of the policmen how her mother died, by jumping off the balcony and how her father was asleep. The Police officer tells her that they aren't investigating her mothers death but insteadjust wanted to ask her father about a rifle that he once owned and that was recently used to shoot an american tourist in Morroco. Cheiko says how her father gave up hunting when her mother died. Afterwards cheiko tries and fails to seduce the police officer, then writes him a note and tells him to read it later. In the lobby the police officer runs into cheiko's father and finds out that the gun was given by cheio's father to their morrocon tour guide in thanks. He tells him about the incident with cheio and find out that infact the mother did not jump off the balcony but shot herself (henc ethe father giving up hunting) The ne. Later the plice officer reads the note given to him by cheiko while the t.v speaks of susan being released from hospital after 5 days. We never find out what the note says though it is probably a suicide note as the father goe sinto the apartment to find cheiko naked on the balocny. The two hug.

Hazax of rodmore

Continuity mistake: When the nanny is walking in the desert, she falls down. However, when she is on the ground, she is wearing shoes completely different than the ones she had been wearing the shot before.

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Susan Jones: Richard, why did we come here?
Richard: What d'you mean why? I thought you would like it.
Susan Jones: Really: Why are we here?
Richard: To forget everything. To be alone.
Susan Jones: Alone.

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Question: The last note, the folded one, that Chieko gives the detective to read later appears to be a lengthy one; is there any indication of its contents?

Answer: Wikipedia has this: (n.b., "(EDGE)" indicates the end of that particular line on the notebook page): . . . I wanted (EDGE) . . . myself (EDGE) . . . that's why (EDGE) . . . connected (EDGE) . . . that is (EDGE) . . . although I cannot (EDGE) . . . I have to find out (EDGE) . . . message from my mother (EDGE) . . . I was not sure if I was loved by my mother (EDGE) . . . but that's not the case . . . (EDGE) thank you.

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