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Corrected entry: In Monster squad Rudy has killed 2 vampire girls. No one is shown killing the 3rd one, and she is not shown sucked into the vortex. She just vanishes.

Correction: Throughout the ending battle you can see 3 vampire girls in the background dead on the ground. Just because the producers didn't film Rudy killing the 3rd vampire doesn't mean it wasn't done.


Rudy killed two of them while standing up (arrow and stabbing) but when Wolfman runs out from the alley, Rudy is kneeling next to the third maiden. It also appears he is trying to catch his breath so it's indicated that the maiden put up a fight.

Corrected entry: As the vortex is going through, Frankenstein's monster is saying goodbye to Phoebe, while Phoebe is pleading with him to stay. At one point Phoebe is holding Frankenstein's monster with both hands. Then after he gets sucked into the vortex, she throws him her stuffed dog. How can she hold the monster with both hand and still keep the stuffed dog without it going into the vortex?


Correction: Earlier in the film, Phoebe is showed having the stuffed dog clipped to her belt. It could have easily been there before she tossed it to Frankenstein, keeping it from being sucked into the vortex.

Corrected entry: Sunlight kills vampires - this is an accepted "fact". Yet Dracula doesn't die when exposed to the sunlight when the plane doors open or when flying out of it later.

Correction: Depends on what myth you're talking about. The concept of vampires being destroyed by sunlight didn't appear in vampire lore until 1922's Nosferatu, and that was added by the filmmakers. Even in the original Dracula, he walked around in daylight. Never once in the movie does Dracula actually become wounded/hurt from sunlight; it's just something the Squad believes from what they see in movies. The filmmakers can alter whatever they like on the vampire myth as long as they don't break the rules they've set for themselves.

Corrected entry: Frankenstein's Monster is only listed in the end credits as Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the scientist who created the monster, not the monster itself.


Correction: True, in fact they point this out twice during the movie. But after they meet The Monster, Sean calls him Frank and at the end Phoebe is calling him Frankenstein when he is being sucked into limbo.

Corrected entry: Patrick's sister finished reading the manuscript and continued to hold the amulet while everyone looked for Limbo (later to find out she wasn't a virgin) but when Phoebe finished reading, the German man quickly threw it away so Limbo could open.

Correction: That's because when Patrick's sister finishes reading it, nothing happens and they all realize it. However when Phoebe finished reading it, the amulet begins to vibrate so the Scary German Guy knows it worked this time.


Corrected entry: The opening scenes with Van Helsing take place 100 years before the story begins, so 1887. The events of Dracula are accepted as having occurred in 1897. So either Van Helsing didn't get sucked into the portal, took part in the book's events, and hung around for 90 more years to pull Dracula into the vortex at the end of the film (unlikely). OR he did get sucked into the vortex, and came back out to drag Dracula in, but that means he could not have taken part in Bram Stoker's novel.

Correction: Dracula is a myth. If the movie takes place in 1887, then Dracula was alive in 1887.


Corrected entry: They make a big scene that a virgin is needed to read the text from Van Helsing's diary in order to get rid of the monsters. After Patrick's sister fails because it turns out she isn't a virgin, everyone freaks out until they realize Phoebe could help them out. Not once is it mentioned the virgin had to be a female. So why couldn't the 12 year old boys read from the diary and get rid of the monsters?


Correction: First: 4 out of 5 definitions listed for "virgin" refer to females. Second: In all of mythology and folklore, virgin always refers to females. The gods asked for a virgin to be sacrificed, the women/girls were gathered not the people that have never had sex. When some bit of folklore needs to be read aloud by a virgin, odds are they are asking for a girl.


Deliberate mistake: When the vortex is summoned to get rid of the monsters, other things get sucked into it. Cars, trees, light poles, other police officers. However other things or people who are more accessible do not get sucked in. For example, Phoebe hiding behind a bench, the bench itself, Phoebe's mother and a few cops hiding behind a cop car, etc.


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Phoebe: Come on. Don't be chicken shit.

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Trivia: When Dracula grabs Phoebe and she screams, that was a real reaction from her because she was afraid of him when he was in full make-up.

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Question: What was the point of Dracula blowing up the clubhouse? He obviously knew the kids weren't there because he tells the father that he is going for his son.

Answer: He's pissed off at the kids.

Answer: It was in retaliation for them stealing the amulet from him. You can actually consider it the first shot of the impending battle between the monsters and the Squad.

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