Ragtime (1981)


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Coalhouse Walker Jr.: I read music so good, white folks think I'm fakin' it.

Younger Brother: What kind of music do you play?
Coalhouse Walker Jr.: Anything they ask me to, and then I play ragtime.

Factual error: Ragtime is set in 1906. Yet a 1915 Model T figures prominently in the plot.

Jean G

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Trivia: On the advice of his doctor, James Cagney came out of retirement after 20 years to appear in Ragtime, his last theatrical film. He traveled to London for the shooting by ship (he hated planes), and because diabetes confined him to a wheel chair, a double (shot from behind) performed all the scenes of him standing or walking. While the epithet "ni**er" is uttered by several white characters throughout the movie, Cagney refused to use it, so for his lines, the less offensive word "buck" was substituted.

Jean G

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