Carry on Behind

Carry on Behind (1975)

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Corrected entry: When Professor Crump is talking to Anna Vrooshka in the showers, you can see that Anna's shower has nothing on the door. When Arthur enters and Crump gives him Anna's clothes, her shower has now gained a glass panel.

Correction: It is not a glass panel. It's steam.

Corrected entry: When the stripper arrives in her car at the camp site, she is greeted by Major Leep. But when she appears to do her act, it is a totally different woman.

Correction: It is the same actress, Jenny Cox, who drives up in the car and then does the striptease.

Revealing mistake: When the stripper film begins during Professor Crump's lecture, we see a man lighting his pipe. If you watch carefully, the lighted match does not make contact with his fingers, yet he still manages to burn himself in the process.

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Prof. Anna Vrooshka: Tomorrow, we are poking holes all over caravan site.
Prof. Roland Crump: I don't think they would like that at all.
Prof. Anna Vrooshka: It's ok, we are poking early.

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Trivia: In the butcher's shop scene at the beginning of the film, Fred rescues Ernie who has been locked in the freezer overnight. Jack Douglas was covered in frost effect plastic for the scene, but the rest of the cast/crew felt he had got away lightly, and threw him into a river.

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