Macabre (1980)

Ending / spoiler

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Lucy finds out her mother Jane Baker is keeping her dead lover's head in a fridge and informs Jane about her discovery and then admits to drowning her own brother, Michael in the bathtub and is only telling Jane now because no one would believe her mother anyway, since she's been committed to a loony bin before and will be now returning their shortly. Jane goes beserk, strangling the life out of her demon seed of an offspring leaving her face down in a bathtub. Hearing the commotion, blind Robert shows up and tries to intervene, but Jane immediately attacks him and pushes him down the stairs. The tub overflows awakening Robert, Disturbed from making out with her ex's head she once again goes for him and their struggle...leads into the kitchen, with him gaining the upper hand, managing to stick her head in the oven and scald her to death. Exhausted from his ordeal he enters her bedroom and goes onto her bed. Suddenly, Fred's severed head jumps up at him and imbeds its teeth in his neck!


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