Angel Heart

Angel Heart (1987)

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Mickey Rourke is Johnny Favorite. He made a deal with the devil 12 years ago: his soul for fame but not wishing to go to hell tried to cheat the devil by merging his body & spirit with another. To do this he had to kill someone his age, so he killed the real returning GI Harry Angel and took over his life. The devil is, in fact, Robert De Niro. His name, Louis Cyphre, is an extension of "Lucifer", "guided by his hand" Cyphre makes Harry snuff out all those connected to the "cover up"; including Dr. Albert Fowler, Toots Sweet and the Krusemarks among others. Cyphre reveals that he also used Harry/Johnny to off lawyer Herman Winesap in a *nasty accident*. Then in a last act of cruelty Cyphre uses Harry/Johnny to kill Epiphany Proudfoot...Angel's own daughter then frames the wretched PI for paternal silicide. As Harry is sent off to face the electric chair he sees the final sting in this tale, his grandson's eyes glowing a familar color...which leaves no doubt that her (Epiphany) offspring was fathered by none other than "Lucifer"

Dylan Coolidge

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film Mickey Rourke smashes up a pile of ice, which mysteriously reappears in its unsmashed form seconds later.

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Harry Angel: She was doing my chart. I gave her Johnny's birthdate, February 14th. Except someone got to her and took out their own Valentine card. They split her open, and they cut out her heart. I guess she couldn't predict the future for herself.
Louis Cyphre: The future isn't what it used to be Mr. Angel.

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