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Trivia: In the film, Bond says to M, "So you want me to be half-monk, half-hitman". This is a reference to the character John Ballard (played by Daniel Craig) in the 1998 film "Elizabeth".

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Trivia: Director Martin Campbell makes a cameo as the gasoline truck driver killed by the attempted plane bomber. (00:48:20)

Trivia: The internal shots of the hotel in Venice Bond is staying in is actually the National Museum in Prague - obviously almost every movie uses random locations, but partly it's very identifiable if you've been there, and also I've recently been there myself, and this is my site, so I'm listing it.

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Trivia: The chief of police who is arrested as Bond sits at a Cafe is in fact Michael G Wilson (one of the film's producers).

Trivia: Ford was obviously the car company displayed in the movie. Right after you first see his Ford, he drives into the club and takes a Range Rover, a company owned by Ford. While Bond valets the car (poorly), every car in the parking lot is owned by Ford: Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Volvo. There's one exception with one parked Caddy he passes.


Trivia: This was the first Bond film since Live and Let Die that did not feature Q, and was the first Bond film that did not feature Miss Moneypenny.

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Trivia: Richard Branson made a very quick cameo as a passenger getting checked at a security gate, when Bond was running through Miami Dade airport.

Trivia: "Casino Royale" is actually the second Bond film that director Martin Campbell has helmed. He previously directed 1995's "GoldenEye", meaning that he is responsible for introducing the two most recent on-screen Bonds to the world. "GoldenEye" was the debut of Pierce Brosnan in the role and "Casino Royale" was the debut of Daniel Craig.

Trivia: Although it lasts for only seven minutes on screen, the opening Parkour chase took six weeks to film.

Trivia: Pierce Brosnan had expressed an interest in playing James Bond in this film but the producers refused, believing that he was too old for the role at 53. If Brosnan were to return, he would have been paid $30 million.

Trivia: In the last conversation Bond has with M, he said, "The bitch is dead." This is nearly identical to the last line in the original book, where Bond says, "The bitch is dead now."


Trivia: Solange's name is never mentioned once during the film. It is only mentioned in the closing credits.

Trivia: The famous shot when Daniel Craig rises from the sea in his swimming trunks was created purely by accident. The reason why Craig suddenly rises is because he walked on a sand bank.

Trivia: Casino Royale was initially developed to be Pierce Brosnan's fifth Bond movie. However, as development progressed the producers and writers decided the story would work better for a younger 007.


Trivia: The sinking building scene in Venice took three weeks to shoot.

Trivia: When Bond is sending his resignation there is a quick shot of his emails. If you look at the email addresses, they are all (or most of them) people who worked on the production of Casino Royale - A few I have noticed and looked up are Chris McBride (computer & video supervisor), David Hicks (lead motion graphics designer) and Neil Pinkawa (lead screen graphics artist).

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Trivia: Casino Royale was originally supposed to have been the inaugural film of a rival James Bond series produced by Sony. MGM/UA would later acquire Sony's Bond properties in exchange for the Spider-Man franchise.

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Continuity mistake: In a scene towards the end of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. When they start to kiss, in the distant shot towards the end of the scene, he has no sand on his back at all. (01:57:10)

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Question: Help me out if I'm wildly off: The Ugandan gangster attacks LeChiffre in his hotel, who Bond later kills. LeChiffre then continues with the game and panics when Mr. White demands the money. I was under the assumption that LeChiffre only owed money to the gangster and therefore needed to win the game to pay him back. Why does he continue with the game after the gangster is killed?

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Chosen answer: Le Chiffre operates as the banker for Mr White's entire organisation. The Ugandan is only one of many individuals and groups for whom Le Chiffre provides financial services; killing him does little to solve the problem of the missing money. Plus there's the question of trust - if Le Chiffre can't keep the money safe, then Mr White's organisation have no use for him and, as we see in the movie, will readily eliminate him. Le Chiffre's desperate to recover the money to prove his trustworthiness and save his own life.

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