Little Children

Sarah and her daughter Lucy go to the park to meet up with Brad in order to run away together to figure out their relationship. Brad leaves his house without saying good-bye and on the way to the park he runs into some skateboarders. They tell him to try and jump the stairs while skating; he tries but falls and is knocked out.

At the park, Ronnie sits alone, devastated about his mother's death. Sarah approaches him and says she's sorry about his mother's death. She turns around and notices her daughter's gone; she looks for her and finds her nearby. She goes home with her daughter. Brad is taken away in an ambulance and discards a letter he wrote to his wife Kathy because he's decided to not leave her.

Larry goes to the park and apologizes to Ronnie since he feels responsible that he caused Ronnie's mother's fatal heart attack. Larry notices that Ronnie has cut his genitals (in order to be a "good boy") and is bleeding massively. Larry rushes Ronnie to the hospital and arrives at the same time as Kathy is there to see Brad, who has just arrived in an ambulance. The narrator says that you can't change the past but that it's possible to decide the future and that you have to start somewhere.


Continuity mistake: When Ronnie smashes his mother's clocks and collectibles, the wide shot shows all the shelves to our right are cleared of all debris. But the next close-up shows two large pieces of a smashed figurine are still on one of those shelves. (01:57:10)


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Ronald James McGorvey: She's gone.
Sarah Pierce: Who... who's gone?
Ronald James McGorvey: Mommy's gone. Mommy died.

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Question: In the foursome dinner scene, Cathy checks under the table and sees something about Sarah's feet that heightens her suspicion about the affair. What does Cathy see? The camera seems to focus on Sarah's painted toenails, but I don't understand why that would arouse suspicion.

Answer: In the book it explains that the color is one that only a young teen would like, and a mature woman would never wear, unless she were too in love to notice that it was gaudy.

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