A now very seriously ill Jigsaw is being cared for by Amanda in his workshop. Amanda kidnaps a doctor, Lynn, to keep Jigsaw alive long enough to see another victim, Jeff, complete his 'game'. Jeff is a grieving father whose son, Dylan, was killed in a road accident. Jeff's game involves Jeff being given an amount of time to follow a trail through a factory in which Jeff meets three people, in traps, involved in his son's murder. Jeff must choose whether to forgive them or watch them die painfully for their part in Dylan's murder. The film follows the two sides to the story and also has a side plot of the relationship between Jigsaw and Amanda whilst also looking at how some of the older traps (particularly Adam's) were set up.

Revealing mistake: When Eric Matthews is smashing his foot, he hits it the first time and it shows a close up. If you watch the small amount of blood when he hits it again they have used the same shot. (00:04:00)

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Jigsaw: Hello, I want to play a game.

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Trivia: During the brain surgery scene Jigsaw relives a romantic scene in a park, during one of these shots you can see the character Obi who was burned to death in Saw II.

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Question: In both Saw II and III we learn that Amanda is working for Jigsaw, after her test in the first movie. However I don't see the reason why she had to be in a game again, in Saw II. I was hoping that to be explained in Saw III, but apparently, it wasn't. Please enlighten me.

Answer: In Saw V, Jigsaw explains to Hoffman that Amanda's purpose in the second game was make sure the others followed the rules.

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Answer: In Saw II, Amanda pretended to be one of the prisoners, so she could observe her fellow prisoners.

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