Saw III (2006)

Ending / spoiler

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In the final confrontation, Amanda ends up shooting Lynn just as Jeff comes into the room they're in. Then, Jeff shoots Amanda in the neck. As Amanda bleeds to death, Jigsaw reveals how Lynn and Jeff are really husband and wife, and that the entire time the game was on her. Amanda never gave her test subjects a chance to live, only making them victims. Jigsaw wanted to test Amanda's will to keep someone alive, and she failed at that. Amanda dies. As Lynn is bleeding, Jigsaw tells Jeff that he has one more game for him. The game is he could either forgive him for the suffering he put him and Lynn through, or he could kill him. Jeff tells Jigsaw that he forgives him as he pulls out a large circular saw and slices Jigsaw's throat. As Jigsaw bleeds, he reveals the shocking truth. He pulls out a tape recorder and plays it to tell Jeff that he didn't learn anything about forgiveness. Jigsaw then reveals that the entire time, he was his REAL final test subject, not the person who killed his son. The room locks, and Jigsaw tells Jeff that he kidnapped his daughter and locked her away, and that he was the only one who knew where she was. Now that Jeff put matters into his own hands, he lost. As Jigsaw's heart rate goes down, the collar on Lynn's head explodes. Jeff screams over the dead body of Jigsaw.


Revealing mistake: When Eric Matthews is smashing his foot, he hits it the first time and it shows a close up. If you watch the small amount of blood when he hits it again they have used the same shot. (00:04:00)

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Jigsaw: Hello, I want to play a game.

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Trivia: During the brain surgery scene Jigsaw relives a romantic scene in a park, during one of these shots you can see the character Obi who was burned to death in Saw II.

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Question: The first scene with Lynn shows her with a man who asks for a divorce. He doesn't look like Jeff, or am I wrong?

Answer: You are not wrong. The man is her lover, he wants her to get a divorce.


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