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Corrected entry: During Jigsaw's seizure, Lynn runs over to the shelves that have all the bottles of pills and starts looking for a certain type of pill. The first time you see the shelves all of the bottles are knocked over and strewn around. The shot cuts to Amanda holding Jigsaw down, then back to Lynn looking for pills. For some reason most of the pill bottles have now magically been put upright and look fairly organized. (00:39:25)

Nick Bylsma

Correction: What you see are two different sets of bottles. The one lot is still strewn all over the place and and the others are neat and tidy.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: The trap for Timothy Young was designed to rotate at 180 degrees for each limb (as is also stated in the commentary). However, given that Timothy's arm is facing forward, rotating his arm backwards at 180 degrees wouldn't be enough to break his arm although it would cause a great deal of discomfort on him. Perhaps 360 degrees would make sense.

Correction: No rotating his arm back 180° wouldn't normally break his arms. However, given the device he is strapped to would prevent even the slightest of movements anywhere above the elbow, a break would occur after being twisted backwards 180°.

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Corrected entry: When Lynn is preparing for John's surgery, her hair goes from being tied back, to being out, to being tied back again. (00:59:50)

Correction: This little sequence is a montage of her getting ready. Could easily have tied it up or untied it herself in between the shots we see.

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Correction: This is due to her struggling to free herself.

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Corrected entry: The first time Kerry's TV shows the view from inside of the closet you can already see one of the bullet holes in the door even though she hasn't even shot yet.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: You can't see the door until she fires at it. And even using slow-mo, you can see there is no bullet holes in the door until Kerry fires the first one.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kerry's watching the jigsaw tape there is a box behind her. In one shot the lid is half on, in the next shot (and all other shots) the lid is nowhere to be seen. (00:12:05)

Nick Bylsma

Correction: The lid always remains on the other side of the bed. Her pillow makes it appear that there is a lid on the box.

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Corrected entry: As Kerry walks to check out the pieces of the body you can see the evidence markers 7 and 8 are right next to a piece of arm (or leg), but when they start cutting to different pieces only the 7 is by the leg. (00:06:10)

Nick Bylsma

Correction: That's because the camera angle showing 7 doesn't cover where the other marker was.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kerry is explaining how the Tony case doesn't match up she puts her hands in her pockets and leans up against the wall. The shot cuts to a view of Rigg and the detective and she's still leaning against the wall, the cuts back to her and she's standing up straight again (instant cuts, no time to move). (00:10:55)

Nick Bylsma

Correction: She doesn't lean against the wall. Her stance makes it appear that she is leaning against the wall.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Amanda taunts Lynn, tempting Lynn to kill her, there are two Reverse Bear Traps in the room; one is Amanda's, the other is the same exact one Jill Tuck puts on Hoffman in the future Saw VI. The latter is the one Lynn looks at (at the time it is just a scattered pile of pieces, unassembled).


Correction: The "Saw" films are not that pre-planned. The filmmakers didn't even know how IV-VII would turn out while making this one, so seeing some scattered pieces of material that vaguely look like the second reverse bear trap is not trivia, but merely a coincidence.


Corrected entry: If you look closely, right before the brain surgery scene, on one of the monitors behind Amanda (that are supposed to be monitoring Jeff), you can see Rigg, nearing the ending of Saw IV (between the school and meatpacking plant), indicating that the two are happening at the same time.


Correction: This trivia is wrong for many reasons. 1) It's Jeff, not Rigg. 2) The filmmakers have repeatedly stated that while there is some pre-planning, the films are not exactly mapped out, so at the time of this film's making, they had no way of even knowing that Rigg was going to be the main character in "Saw IV." (And furthermore, Rigg was a replacement, originally Mathews was supposed to be the lead in IV, so if anything, HE would've been the one on camera.) 3) At this point in the timeline, if Rigg was between the school and meat packing plant (which he wouldn't be yet, as he arrived just before Jigsaw died, which is still a fairly long time away during this scene), there would be no way for Jigsaw to be tracking him, as he's traveling in public. There are other reasons, as well.


Corrected entry: The blades that slice up and supposedly more or less liquify the pigs wouldn't realistically do so. They would just slice up the carcasses, and only parts would come out.

Correction: We see that the pigs are chopped up, then go through a metal chute to the other chamber. There could very well be more blades in that chute.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lynn is opening John's skull, the amount of blood in the cavity changes drastically between shots. The cavity goes from full to nearly completely devoid of blood with no evidence that Lynn had washed it out.

Correction: This isn't correct - they show Lynn washing out the blood with alcohol, and then using forceps to close off the blood supply to the area, leaving it relatively clean thereafter.

Andrew Upton

Corrected entry: According to the Saw III commentary, in a flash back of Jigsaw and Amanda setting up the bathroom trap, Jigsaw told Amanda to tie the key to Adam's foot, making the trap escapable. However, Amanda was careless, and instead just tossed it onto Adam's chest before leaving. Because it was unattached, it was then sucked down the drain as he woke up.


Correction: I rewatched the scene, but didn't notice Jigsaw saying to tie the key to Adam's foot. He told Amanda to put Adam's leg in the shackles. It would have been too simple for Adam to have the key hanging within his reach. Jigsaw wanted the key to be in the bathroom and he presumed that it would be washed away. At the end of Saw I he told the shocked Adam that the key was in the tub. Adam had a faint chance, but still he had it.

Corrected entry: When Jigsaw first says "I call it The Rack" you see shots of the guy's hand and feet. There is blood coming out of the spots where the bolts are going through, and the blood is dripping down onto the parts of The Rack, but when the machine actually starts to turn his hands (right one) there is no blood to be seen.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: There most certainly is blood. The stream of blood on his hand is just lighter in volume. But you still can see the blood.

Corrected entry: The scene goes back to Lynn preparing for Jigsaw's surgery after Jeff rescues the judge. There is a shot of Jigsaw watching Lynn and you can see the hand rotary saw lying on a tray beside him. There are various shots of Lynn getting the equipment ready, and one of them shows her testing the saw and they laying it down on the table with the other instruments. There is another shot of Jigsaw watching Lynn, and you can see that the rotary saw is still on the tray beside him.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: This whole scene is a montage, and is not in real time, so she may have moved the rotary saw in between shots.

Corrected entry: The boards all break when Jeff falls out of the box and one of them lands between his arm and his side. Jeff passes out and we see his flashback. Jeff comes to, and now the board is lying across his chest.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: He was passed out and having a very distressing dream/flashback about his last moments before being kidnapped. So, it is entirely plausible that he moved in his sleep and ended up throwing the boards around a bit, (I've seen relatives thrash violently in their sleep) and ended up with one on top of him.

Corrected entry: The shotgun in the clear case is pointed at the right side of the Judge's face. After the gun fires the hit is registered on the left side of his face.


Correction: As John says "I've got the key" the judge turns to look at him, making the gun point at the left side of his face.

Correction: This is a flashback montage, so the shots are not necessarilly in real-time.

Corrected entry: Almost all of the women in the hospital scene are wearing earrings or other types of jewelry. My best friend's mother was a doctor for many years and none of the doctors or nurses were allowed to wear any jewelry while they were at work. An earring could fall off into a patient, a ring could get snagged, etc. Too many risks. There shouldn't have been any jewelry being worn in the hospital scene.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: Thats not true in all hospitals. At the hospital in my county all the nurses wear jewelry, so not all hospitals have this rule.

Corrected entry: This goes back to the original Saw, but it's present in the flashback scene in Saw III. When Adam opens up his closet (in the original) he's holding the bat in his right hand and the camera in his left. In the flashback scene you get to see it from Amanda's point of view, and he's holding the bat in his left hand and the camera in his right.

Nick Bylsma

Correction: I just went back and watched this scene both in the first and the third Saw movie, and in both versions, when Adam opens the closet door and pauses in front of it, he has the bat in his left hand and the camera in his right.

Revealing mistake: When Eric Matthews is smashing his foot, he hits it the first time and it shows a close up. If you watch the small amount of blood when he hits it again they have used the same shot. (00:04:00)

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Trivia: During the brain surgery scene Jigsaw relives a romantic scene in a park, during one of these shots you can see the character Obi who was burned to death in Saw II.

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Question: So in this film, through the flashbacks, we learn a lot about the previous films. However, with all that is known, why does Jigsaw leave Adam in the bathroom and close the door? He says game over - did Adam fail? Is the suffocation by Amanda the punishment for failing?


Answer: It was too late for Adam to solve the game the way he was intended to- the key went down the drain, which Jigsaw actually didn't intend to happen. Adam's key was meant to be tied around his neck in such a way that neither him nor Lawrence would be able to see, and Adam would be allowed to go free and escape if he were to locate the key- which would only be possible if he looked at himself. The whole idea behind his puzzle was "looking at himself instead of others, for a change." The reason it went down the drain instead, was because of Amanda, who continuously made traps unsolvable. Instead of tying it around him like Jigsaw asked, she just tossed it on his chest, which defeated the whole purpose. Also, he was given a saw just as Lawrence was, as a much more violent plan B, another way he could save his own life.

That doesn't make sense because Jigsaw told Adam that the key is in the bathtub at the end of the movie.

Chosen answer: Jigsaw most likely decided to leave Adam in the room in case Gordon didn't shoot him. Adam wasn't the one who failed, it was Gordon. He simply decided to leave him in there, the easy way out. As for his suffocation, Jigsaw already mentions Amanda's emotional side also being her weakness. While Adam was meant to die after a certain amount of time, Amanda's emotions got the best of her and so she decided to mercy kill him.


Answer: Well Jigsaw told Adam that the key to his chains was in the bathtub, without knowing he pulled the plug, drowning the key with it. However, he could have responded instead of trying to shoot Jigsaw. After that, he most likely came to the conclusion that Adam didn't learn his lesson. And Amanda coming back to kill him is most likely a mercy kill, though it's not confirmed.

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