The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
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Suggested correction: Scott and Jack are sent back to the moment they left. Neil and Laura were frozen before Jack became Santa. Stopping that wouldn't mean they wouldn't be frozen when Jack and Scott return.

Audio problem: When Scott is making a distraction, he says, "Well, this show stinks." But his mouth is saying, "Well, this show sucks." Done in order to keep the G rating, I presume.

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Question: What ever happened to Bernard? He is non-existent in this movie and nobody seems to notice.

Answer: David Krumholtz (Benard) is busy on his show "Numb3rs" on CBS and is committed to that so he didn't return for The Santa Clause 3. I guess they could have explained his absence, but the filmakers decided not to. They simply promoted Curtis since he was in the 2nd movie.

Carl Missouri

Answer: He was on another show at the time, but was also 28 years old. And while he pushes the limits of being the childlike elf in the first two movies, he was most likely too old for the role in the third.

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