The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Corrected entry: It is revealed in this movie that there is an "Escape Clause". However, if you look back on the very first Santa Clause movie it was established that being Santa Claus is a lifetime commitment or in the clause's terms "unable to do so, by either accident or design". Hence, the instruction that his coat must be worn by someone else in case something happens to him so that someone else will always carry on Santa's work. Scott already tried in the first movie to get out of the responsibility but the clause doesn't permit him to do so.

Correction: That's the whole point of the movie. Of course it doesn't seem like there's a way out, but the Escape Clause is exactly that, an override to the original clause that makes it null.


Corrected entry: How did Scott get Jack Frost to say "I wish I wasn't Santa at all," recorded on the pen, if Jack never said it or never had the pen before Jack became Santa?

Correction: When Scott is in the North Pole amusement park, Curtis is advertising pens that you can record things on, and proceeds to give Scott one of them. Later, Scott and Jack Frost meet up, and Jack says something along the lines of "I'm surprised you actually fell for it. you were stupid enough to say, 'I wish I wasn't Santa at all.'" Scott then says, "What was that?" and you can see him take the pen out of his pocket and press a button. Jack then repeats the phrase, and Scott records it. This is how Scott gets to be Santa again.

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Continuity mistake: The first movie shows Santa slipping on the roof and kicking up a white snow blanket as he falls. The flashback in the third movie does not show the blanket being kicked up as Santa slips.


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Sylvia Newman: Everybody's just so petite.
Bud Newman: No, Tom Cruise is petite. These people are short.

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Question: Just curious. How can the Escape Clause still work when the words are spoken via tape recorder?


Answer: The snow globe only had to hear Scot/Santa's or Frost's voice being spoken to it in order to activate the Escape Clause. The snow globe could not differentiate between a recording of his voice and someone speaking to it in person.

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Answer: Because of the snow globe listen to the voice of the Santa that is playing Santa the tape recorder had frost voice on there. Just like frost used Santa to get what he wanted by making Santa say it.

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