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Corrected entry: In the RV with the frat boys, in one shot you can see a microphone attached to the wall in the front of the RV.

Correction: This movie is presented in a documentary format, therefore mistakes pertaining to visible equipment are not valid.

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Corrected entry: When Borat just arrived in California and was walking on the street while singing amen, he was wearing two pins on his jacket, but when he finished the fight with Azamat he had only the right pin on. (01:11:25 - 01:12:20)

Correction: This does not happen in consecutive shots, so either he removed one of them or one of them fell off.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Borat finds Azamat on the street and they start fighting, their positions change in the scene. As Death is approaching to break it up, Borat is on Death's left, then his right, then his left again. (01:11:55)

Correction: This is not true they do not switch sides at all the camera moves.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Borat is taking his driving test, and he says "Look, there is a woman in a car! Can we follow her, and maybe make a sexy-time with her?" If you look closely at the person he is talking about, it is a bulky male driving a Ford truck. (00:20:25)

Correction: Two explanations, one that is the joke and Borat really thinks its a woman or two its a character mistake and has got it terribly wrong.

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Corrected entry: In the map used for the road trip, it shows that they traveled on Interstate 95 through the center of North Carolina. In reality, this is where Interstate 85 runs.

Good Job!

Correction: This is probably part of the joke. The map is supposed to be from Kazakhstan, and probably has many errors. In fact, Borat and Azamat argue about the map several times.


Corrected entry: When Borat leaves the bus with the partying students, and he stands alone on the road, you can see the shadow of the cameraman.

Correction: Since this is supposed to be a documentary (although a mock one), the fact that there is a cameraman following Borat around is not a surprise, or a mistake.


Corrected entry: This is meant to be a documentary, and only one camera operator is ever referred to. However, there are multiple incidences where two cameras are clearly being used - for example, we'll see Borat running towards the van, then we'll suddenly be inside the van seeing him get in too and speed away, with no sign of a camera behind him. Even if they were using two cameras, the second one would be in shot.

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Correction: This is NOT meant to be a documentary, rather a MOCKumentary. The whole movie is shot as if it's a documentary, but that is part of the comedy. Besides, even in a real documentary, multiple camera angles are used, as well as scenes not meant to be filmed live are pre-recorded, and acting used to move the story along. Real footage is also intermixed with acted footage in editing to give the movie a "feel" and to cut out extraneous footage.

Factual error: Borat and Azmat are depicted having entered Atlanta and getting off at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. which runs East and West. Atlanta does not have a road named "Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd." The MLK in Atlanta is "Martin Luther King Junior Drive" (00:35:50)

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Borat: We didn't fly, just in case the jews repeated their attack of 9/11.

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Trivia: Initially banned in Kazakhstan, the ban was lifted after the film sparked a tourism boom.

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Question: What is the crazy church or religion that Borat goes to where people are running around the hall and talking in a strange language? What language are they talking in and why do they look so agressive? What's with all the running around with hands in the air?


Chosen answer: This was the Mississippi United Pentecostal Church annual camp meeting of 2006. "The power of Jesus" compels many people to sing, dance, far as the weird language, it's known as "speaking in tongues" and is generally incoherent to the casual observer. The hands in the air is a symbol of someone literally "lifting" themselves and their hearts to Jesus in worship and prayer. It's all simply an expression of their faith and religious beliefs, nothing more.


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