The Marine

The Marine (2006)

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John Triton survives a gas station explosion and pursues his wife Kate's kidnappers who left him for dead. Head kidnapper Rome pissed at helper, Vescera over his incompetence, Shoots him, leaving him to be finished off by alligators. John soon catches up to Bennett & Rome's problem sorter Morgan (token black man bad guy), He uses his own body weight to crush Bennet then strikes Morgan (Pressumeably with a knife) which is fatal for Morgan. Confronting Rome and his girl Angela in their hideout, he's interupted by cop Van Buren, who's unsure of John's innocense, allowing Rome to gun him down, leaving him to be barbecued when the hideout is blown up due to Rome ignighting the propane tanks. Angela shoots a driver to steal a semi, but as she takes off along with Rome and Kate, John jumps onto the back of her semi's cab, comes around the side, seizes her from the passenger seat, and chucks her out into the path of an oncoming truck that smashes straight into her. Rome manages to dislodge John but wrecks the semi in the process. As Kate struggle to escape from the wreckage Rome is confronted by Joph and in the ensuring scrap has a mass of burning structure collapsed onto him. Despite being badly burned, Rome resorts to strangling John with a chain, only for John to wrap it round his neck and yank it hard, snapping his neck like a twig.


Continuity mistake: As John and his wife drive along the ocean, the position of her seat belt changes from scene to scene. At times it's close to her neck and other closer to her chest.

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Rome: Would you mind shooting this guy?
Goon: What does it look like we're doing?
Rome: Missing.

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Trivia: During the scene when John is chasing down Rome and his crew just after they have kidnapped his wife, one of Rome's crew is shooting at John and crew says "He's like the Terminator" and the camera shows a shot of Rome lifting an eyebrow in the rear view mirrow. This is a reference to the massive hit Terminator 2 where Rome (Robert Patrick) plays the evil Terminator who just keeps on coming. (00:37:35)


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