The Departed

Character mistake: When Ellerby tells Sullivan "Some people don't trust a guy with an immaculate record. I do. I have an immaculate record." Really? An immaculate record even after you punch they guy's lights out for not installing the cameras right? He's a captain, had a long career, if he punches a guy for that, certainly he's had other complaints before too.

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Suggested correction: This is too presumptuous to be a valid mistake. We know practically nothing of his history, so it can't be definitively said he's had complaints about him before. The assault he committed over the failed sting could very well be his first infraction, and if it is still being investigated, it won't appear on his record yet.

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It's also possible that people simply don't complain about outbursts like that in an environment with inter agency cooperation and high tensions.

Character mistake: During the funeral at the end before the 21 gun salute, the NCOIC called for "half left face", that would cause everyone to get shot in the face.

Continuity mistake: When Ellerby attacks the guy for not installing the cameras in the right place, he knocks off a map from the board. A second later Ellerby is still going after him, and the map is fixed.


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Colin Sullivan: I'm going to need the identity of your undercovers.
Dignam: Blow me, all right? But not literally, though. Unfortunately, there's no promotion involved for you.

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Trivia: This was Martin Scorsese's first film to win Best Picture. And his first Oscar for best Director. Martin also said that this was the first movie he ever made with a plot.

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Question: If Costello was an FBI informant then why did he put Sullivan undercover in the police department, and then why did the police put Costigan undercover in Costello's mob, and therefore why the police were trying to get evidence against Costello and wanted to arrest him?

Answer: The FBI and police are separate organizations that do not share full information. Only the FBI and Costello himself knew about the informing, and the FBI can only do so much to stop Costello being caught without drawing attention to their relationship. The police and Costello's gang are fighting a separate battle, hence the two moles.

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