The Proposition
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Charlie Burns: No more.

Captain Stanley: Australia. What fresh hell is this?

Charlie Burns: Do you pray, Mr. Lamb?
Jellon Lamb: Good Lord, son, no, I do not. I was, in days gone by, a believer. But alas, I came to this beleaguered land, and the God in me just... Evaporated. Let us change our toast, sir. To the God who has forgotten us.

Arthur Burns: Why can't you ever just... stop me?

Two Bob: Here's your knife back, you dog.

Other mistake: Captain Stanley takes the lid off a small bottle on his right and puts the lid on the desk. He pours a drink and the lid miraculously appears in his left hand. He then screws it on the bottle. Screw top bottles weren't around till 1920. (00:54:50)

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