The Queen

Factual error: The Blairs are in a car travelling down the motorway when Tony receives a phone call from a lord. In the background the passing scenery is leafless trees and a bare winter landscape, but the events of the film take place during the English summer.

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Factual error: When Tony Blair is at his home in front of a large bookcase, there are at least two books behind him that were published after 1997, when the film is set. The thick, distinctive spines of David Mitchell's 'Cloud Atlas' and Jonathan Franzen's 'The Corrections' can both be seen.

Factual error: There's a scene where Tony Blair, in the back seat of a car, makes a phone call from what looks like a Nokia 6210 - a phone which Nokia didn't introduce until 2000, at least two, and possibly three years after the movie was set.

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Continuity mistake: As the Queen is about to take the call from Tony Blair in the kitchen you can see in front of her a few plates of food and a chopping board with two cucumbers and a black handle knife. Near the end of the scene we see an overhead shot and there is only one cucumber and the knife has disappeared as well. (01:05:05 - 01:06:00)

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Alastair Campbell: You going to speak to the Queen?
Tony Blair: Yep.
Alastair Campbell: Ask her if SHE greased the brakes.
Tony Blair: Now, now.

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