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The Queen (2006)

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The Queen finally stops listening to her husband and mother's bad advice and follows Blair's recommendations regarding her actions following Diana's death. As a result, the monarchy soon recovers from the bad press. Two months later, the Queen and Blair meet and discuss the events, and the Queen warns Blair that one day public opinion will turn against him just as quickly.

Mark Ivey

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Continuity mistake: As the Queen is about to take the call from Tony Blair in the kitchen you can see in front of her a few plates of food and a chopping board with two cucumbers and a black handle knife. Near the end of the scene we see an overhead shot and there is only one cucumber and the knife has disappeared as well. (01:05:05 - 01:06:00)

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Prince Philip: It's not right, you know.
HM Queen Elizabeth II: No, but further discussion is no longer helpful, either.

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