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Corrected entry: In the scene where Alaistar Campbell is attending the meeting with the Lord Chamberlin at Buckingham Palace, he is wearing a blue shirt. When he returns to 10 Downing Street immediately following, he is wearing a white shirt.

Correction: There was more than enough time for him to change shirts between scenes for any number of reasons.

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Corrected entry: In a scene where Tony Blair and Charles are talking on the tarmac by a jet plane, you can see that the rotor blades of the jet engines are stationary yet you hear the noise of the jets still operating.


Correction: This actually isn't the jet turbine that is heard but the aircraft's auxiliary power unit, APU, located in the aircraft's tail section. The APU provides electrical power to the aircraft when on the ground with the engines off and no external power source connected.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Queen and Prince Charles are going to join the "stalkers", the Queen puts two black labs into the Range Rover. When she gets out to walk back, three black labs get out of the Range Rover.

Correction: If you look carefully, there is a third lab that is already in the Range Rover. I thought this was an error, too, but there are three dogs in the establishing shot.

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Revealing mistake: The film is set in 1997 the year of Diana's death. However there is a scene in where Tony Blair is being driven in a car and you can see a Mercedes through the rear window with an '02' number plate indicating a 2002 model vehicle.


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Prince Charles: They're going back to sleep, or try anyways. My private secretary office have found a travel agency out in New York that will sell me a flight to Paris, with a hour stop over in Manchester. Perhaps now you might like to consider whether it's still an extravagance to bring back the mother of the future king of England. In one of our planes.

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