Factotum (2005)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Pickle Factory boss: Writer huh? Are you sure?
Henry Chinaski: No, I'm not. I'm halfway through a novel.
Pickle Factory boss: What's it about?
Henry Chinaski: Everything.
Pickle Factory boss: It's about... cancer?
Henry Chinaski: Yes.
Pickle Factory boss: How about my wife?
Henry Chinaski: She's in there too.

Henry Chinaski: I lost a woman.
Old Black Man: Yeah, well, you'll have others. You'll lose them, too.

Payroll Lady: I'm sorry, sir.
Henry Chinaski: You're not sorry. You don't know what sorrow is. I do.

Henry Chinaski: All I want to do is get my check and get drunk.

Bar Patron: Kid, I've probably slept longer than you've lived.

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