Jill was right, there were military mental asylums used lock up those who'd been conditioned as killing machines, but some were incuriable of being rehabilitated so they were hunted down and silenced for good using Palisade Industry weapons. The lodge was one of the military looney bins only the inmates in this one, survived and are now taking there revenge on the group. By the end, only Steve, Maggie and the pair of escourts survive, with the scarred flame thrower freak getting shot as he chases Maggie out of the building.


Continuity mistake: In the close-ups of the scene near the very end of the film when the three girls and the guy get in the boat, there is no rain. On the wide shot, it is very badly raining and rain can be seen coming down as well as hitting the water. But as the shot reverts back to the boat, there is no rain to be seen.

Dave Woollin

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Steve: Just saw a geezer in a balaklava with a suitcase... No... more of a travel bag.

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