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Corrected entry: After faking Sophie's death, why didn't Eisenhiem and her just leave town? The prince thought she was dead and never would have looked for her.

Correction: Eisenhiem wanted to settle his vendetta with the prince.

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Corrected entry: When Eisenheim performs his 'orange tree' trick, his assistant shows the audience that the pot Eisenheim uses it empty. But when Eisenheim makes the tree grow, the pot is full to the top with soil (to cover up the orange tree mechanics).

Correction: The soil appearing in the pot is part of the trick, it's not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Uhl takes Sophie's pulse (when she is "dead" in the "family doctor"'s cart) wouldn't he feel something? I know she isn't breathing, like in Romeo and Juliet, but if her blood wasn't flowing she would actually be dead. BTW they didn't have latex back them so she couldn't have been a dummy.

Correction: It's explained in the film that Sophie took some sort of drug that slowed her bodily functions significantly. Although they wouldn't stop completely, they would be slow enough to escape detection through a physical examination.

Correction: I can go to places in Toronto, Calgary, or almost any other major city, and see Chinese signs and posters surrounded by English signs, theater marquees in Italian or Russian while the other stores are English, and lots of other examples. Many major cities have a large multi-cultural population, and have signs in other languages to appeal to the people in the surrounding area. Also, English is a second language for much of Europe, and it is not uncommon to find English signs, even 100 years ago.

Continuity mistake: When Inspector Uhl is inspecting the theater prior to the arrival on the prince, he is speaking with Eisenheim. When Uhl says "I have been puzzling over how it works", Eisenheim is standing with his arms behind his back. When it cuts his arms are crossed. (00:20:15)


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Eisenheim: I thought we might end this evening with a discussion of the soul. All of the greatest religions speak of the soul's endurance before the end of life. So what then does it mean to die?

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Trivia: The girl playing young Sophie was only 13 when they filmed Eisenheim and her kissing. The kisses filmed were her first and second kisses. (00:09:50)

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Question: It's not on IMDb so I have to ask here, first who plays the little boy who gives Uhl the "orange tree" book? Second, is there an actor who played the emperor or is the picture Eisenheim "paints" a picture of a actual emperor of Austria?

Answer: Although the story is fictional, some of the details are based on the life of Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf, only son of Emperor Franz Josef. The painting of the emperor which Eisenheim creates is an actual portrait of Franz Josef. (from IMDb).

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