Continuity mistake: When Vince returns the fumbled punt for a touchdown they show shots of Vince from the end zone with players running behind him. In one shot you can see 57 over Vince's left shoulder about 2-3 yards back, then in the next shot 57 is running about 10 yards behind Vince, and then in next shot you can see 57 over Vince's left shoulder again about 2-3 yards back.

Continuity mistake: When the Eagles play the Giants near the end of the movie, Vince tackles 41 (white guy) on the opening kickoff. Later on, after the Eagles score a touchdown, Vince again tackles 41 (white guy) who says "somebody block that guy". Later on, Vince is blocked by two Giants, one of whom is 41 and a black guy.

Continuity mistake: When Vince and Dick are throwing up in the bathroom before the 1st regular season game, Vince is wearing full size shoulder pads. In the next scene when the team is heading to the field he has on smaller QB shoulder pads.

Continuity mistake: After Vince scores against NYG he has both arms rising and behind him are two team mates who disappear and reappear between shots.


Factual error: In the scene where Vince returns to his dorm room and finds Dennis Franks has moved in, Franks informs him that Coach Vermil is mixing the veterans with the rookies. In 1976, Dennis Franks and Vince Papale were both rookies.

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AC Craney: People don't want heart Dick, they want wins.

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