Invincible (2006)

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Factual error: In the scene where Vince returns to his dorm room and finds Dennis Franks has moved in, Franks informs him that Coach Vermil is mixing the veterans with the rookies. In 1976, Dennis Franks and Vince Papale were both rookies.

Factual error: An Eagles player on the sidelines is wearing a headband with the current Eagles logo. The movie is set in 1976, before the current logo was designed.

Factual error: One of the shots in Texas Stadium shows the Cowboy's Super Bowl banners from the 1990's.


Factual error: They show Veterans Stadium with only bleacher seating and a grass field. Vet Stadium had AstroTurf and individual seating, each level of seating was a different color. Also in the opening scene they show two guys leaving early walking up to leave. Later when Vince points to his friends they're shown in the same seats but in the 700 level, which you had to walk down to leave.

Continuity mistake: When Vince returns the fumbled punt for a touchdown they show shots of Vince from the end zone with players running behind him. In one shot you can see 57 over Vince's left shoulder about 2-3 yards back, then in the next shot 57 is running about 10 yards behind Vince, and then in next shot you can see 57 over Vince's left shoulder again about 2-3 yards back.

Factual error: Many scenes of Veterans Stadium show a track running around the perimeter of the football field. Veterans Stadium never had a track; however Franklin Field (where the movie was filmed since Veterans Stadium was imploded a few years ago) does have a track around the field.

Factual error: Right before Vince goes to his first day of training camp, he is seen jogging. The first series of him jogging is geographically correct, as he is jogging in the streets of South Philly (in the area of 25th and Morris). However, in the next series of jogging shots, he is jogging in lower Frankford under the El, which is on the other side of the city. South Philly does not have an elevated subway, just an above ground freight line on South 25th St. This is similar to Rocky Balboa jogging all over Philly in the movie Rocky.

Factual error: The Jukebox in the bar is an AMI model R-82, which was manufactured in 1978. The story takes place in 1976.

Factual error: During the scene where Vince Papale meets Dick Vermile in the Veterans Stadium parking lot, there is a shot of them with the Walt Whitman Bridge in the background. In real life, The Vet was located at the Southwest side of the bridge. The shot shows them on the Southeast side of the bridge. If this were true, that would mean they were in Gloucester City, NJ.

Factual error: During the Giant's game when Vince is knocked out of bounds, you can see he has Power shoulders pads on. They where not around in 1976.


Factual error: In the opening scene where the Eagles lose to end the season, the scoreboard time clock shows tenths of a second. They did not have tenths on game clocks back in the 1970's.

Continuity mistake: When the Eagles play the Giants near the end of the movie, Vince tackles 41 (white guy) on the opening kickoff. Later on, after the Eagles score a touchdown, Vince again tackles 41 (white guy) who says "somebody block that guy". Later on, Vince is blocked by two Giants, one of whom is 41 and a black guy.

Factual error: When the announcement is made on the television for the Eagles open tryout they said it was channel 11. In Philly, there were only channels 3, 6, and 10. 12 was PBS, then 17, 29, and 57 for UHF. No channel 11.

Mike Keating

Factual error: In the bar where Vince works there is a Yuengling Lager beer tap. Yuengling Lager wasn't brewed in 1976 - it had been discontinued and was only reintroduced in 1987.

Mike Keating

Factual error: When the Eagles kickoff after Carmichael's touchdown in the Giants game, you see Papale running down the field on the kickoff. As he does, he looks back over his head for the ball. That is not possible on a kickoff. Players can't cross the line until the ball is kicked and although he may be fast, he isn't that fast. The scene looks more like a punt where the players can release from the line of scrimmage on the snap.

Factual error: They say eagles are punting to play for overtime. There was no regular season overtime in 1976.

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Suggested correction: Overtime in the NFL was established in 1974. There were at least 5 OT games in '76, including the Eagles OT loss to the Redskins in week 3 on Monday night.


Continuity mistake: When Vince and Dick are throwing up in the bathroom before the 1st regular season game, Vince is wearing full size shoulder pads. In the next scene when the team is heading to the field he has on smaller QB shoulder pads.

Continuity mistake: After Vince scores against NYG he has both arms rising and behind him are two team mates who disappear and reappear between shots.


Tommy: Even if you're down there for an hour, you're down there.

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